Gutter/Roof Cleaning

1 & 2 story roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, sagging gutter repair, unclog downspouts, leaf guard installation


Roofs keep our homes dry, warm, and cool during our unpredictable Oregon weather. We tend to neglect our roofs because they are out of our site. If a roof is left with moss or debris for too long, algae, lichens, and moss will eat away at the limestone in the roof shingles and shorten the roof life. Also, the excess moisture from the blanket of debris and moss can lead to rot. Premature roof failures can lead to thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages all over a home or business. Insurance companies don't tend to cover damages caused by neglect because they can be easily prevented. Help extend your roof's life by keeping it clean.

Gutters/ downspouts

Gutters that are not cleaned out appropriately based on the home or business location can lead to premature gutter failure and cause thousands of dollars of damages. Gutters and downspouts that work correctly direct water away from your home or business to prevent water damage to your roof, walls, and foundation.

Examples of how algae, lichens and moss will eat away at your roof